9 Questions


Read this before you sign on with any alarm company in Fresno.

We want you to take this free checklist and make sure you get everything you need to protect your business, warehouse, home, and family. First, do you even need a business security alarm system or a home alarm? You might feel like you’re in a nice neighborhood. You may never have had a problem with theft or burglary (the Bureau of Justice reported the rate of property crimes at 110.7 per 1,000 households or 11% in 2015). Maybe you don’t think you have much worth stealing (the FBI reports the average loss in 2014 was $2,251). Or perhaps your business is service-based and you don’t have merchandise, inventory, or valuable items in your office (but think about computers, laptops, and other electronics and the data on them). You’d be surprised at what people will steal. And how much damage they can do to a home or business in looking for it. A 2016 small business survey by Insureon revealed that the average burglary or theft claim is $8,000. We don’t want to pile on a lot of statistics. You can find those everywhere. If you’re here, you’re probably ready for a home or business alarm system. Let’s focus on what you should look for before making your final decision. Use this checklist to help you find the right alarm company in Fresno (or Madera, Clovis, or surrounding areas) for you.

Get the answers to these questions from all the alarm companies you are considering.

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1. How long have they been in business?

2. Are they big enough to be effective? But not too big to care?

3. Do they provide local, 24 hour security services and monitoring?

4. Will they help you completely understand how to use your security system?

5. Will the police come when the alarm company calls?

6. Do they do their own installation?

7. Can they monitor other vital security needs?

8. Do they have patrol vehicles and standing guard options?

9. How much does a security system cost?