Alarm Monitoring and Systems: Peace of Mind for Your Home and Business

Fresno alarm monitoring and alarm systems for your home or business need to be monitored by live, professional monitoring teams. Our services include alarm systems for home or commercial properties, as well as monitoring, with additional security options such as cellular radio, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire alarms. Find out what's right for you. Call us for a free quote today.

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Burglar Alarm

State of the art electronic security system to provide perimeter & interior protection.

Cellular Radio

No phones? No problem. Our cellular radio solution adds increased security as well as arm/disarm remotely via computer or smartphone.

Medical Pendant

Monitoring for individuals who are at risk for falls or other personal emergency medical needs.

Smoke Detectors

Have a monitored fire system to protect your home from damage

Carbon Monoxide

Protect your family from this invisible killer!

Burglar Alarm

Don't leave your business unprotected. Our commercial grade security systems are both reliable & affordable.

Fire Alarm

We can monitor fire sprinklers, evacuation panels, pump houses, duct detectors, manual pull stations, and others.

Cellular Radio

Our cellular radio solution can help save your business from the high costs of phone lines as well as provide the protection that you need.

Open/Close Activity Reports

Track who's coming in and out of your facility. Set alerts anytime the system is not armed or opened early.

Outdoor & Yard Protection

Don't wait for a building break-in. Our outdoor motion & beams will sound the alarm as soon as burglars get into the yard.

Panic & Hold-Up Buttons

Whether you notice suspicious activity or are held under duress, we have the Police on the way at the touch of a button.


We install and monitor high quality surveillance systems aimed at deterring criminal activity and reducing corporate risk.

Business Alarm Systems: How CCTV Cameras Enhance Your Security

Air Conditioning Units

Stop buying new air conditioning units and paying high insurance rates. Our inexpensive AC unit protection can stop copper wire theft.

Temperature Monitoring

Let our hi/low temperature monitors prevent high temperature server melt-downs or low temperature freezes.


"Great job, Turner - you do such a great job. I feel safe knowing your employees are watching out for my apartment complex. They stopped a guy from breaking into my car. I've never been more happy to have them at my location. Thank You Turner for doing a wonderful job and for looking out for the complex. I feel safe when i go to sleep at night."
-Jenna R.-
Fresno, California


"Dependable, reliable and great customer service."
-A Google User-