3 Crazy Ways Burglars Have Broken Into Businesses (and How to Stop Them)

The cartoon version of a burglar is someone sneaking through the bushes and checking for unlocked doors or climbing through a window. Most businesses in a commercial building don't have the old-fashioned latched windows. We're much more likely to see, over and over, burglars using baseball bats, rocks, or even cars to smash big glass windows.

Commercial alarm systems, surveillance video, and bars can either deter or help catch these thieves. Our patrol cars, video surveillance, and motion detection alarms have helped a lot of Fresno, Clovis, and Madera businesses chase off or track down these criminals since 1972.

Through an Unexpected Opening

But every once in a while, the burglars get creative. One burglar climbed up on the roof of a store and broke in through a duct. You don't think of this as an opening, but anything that gives them access to the inside is an invitation to a burglar. After not being able to reach the ceiling to get back out of the store that way, he tried the doors. They were bolted and padlocked. Surveillance video shows him repeatedly kicking the reinforced exits. He finally had to give up and sit and wait for the police, who had been called by the commercial alarm system monitors.

While this company was prepared and lucky to get the thief caught, many others are burgled through the roof. They might have alarms on the doors, but if they don't have motion detectors or video surveillance, the burglars could get in and out without tripping any alarms.

Through the Roof

If there's no duct, no A/C, or other vents, some burglars will make their own entrance through the roof. There are multiple reports of burglars using a Sawzall (probably stolen from a home-owner) or hatchet to cut through a roof.
Again, this bypasses the door alarms and if there aren't motion detectors, nothing will go off until they open the door for their escape. By then, it's too late. This is where video surveillance again can help. It can give police extra time to arrive if your monitoring service hears the sound of power tools or chopping.

Through the Walls

Be wary if you have a vacant space next to your business. We were approached by a business looking to improve their commercial security because a burglar broke into the space next door. Since it was vacant, it didn't have any alarms or security. Then, the burglar broke through the walls and entered into the occupied business where they were able to rummage through at their leisure.

Like the business mentioned above, they only had alarms on the doors. Since the burglar didn't go through the obvious entry points, they didn't trip any of the alarms. Again, motion detectors are an economical way to know any time there's someone in your business - no matter how they got in there to begin with.

What to Do to Protect Your Business

Since most criminals don't have full-time jobs, they've got a lot of time on their hands to think about ways to steal your stuff. They're pros, or at least dedicated amateurs. You've got a business to run. You need pros who spend just as much time thinking about how to stop these people. If you'd like an evaluation of your current security setup, call us at 559-486-3466.

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