Business Security


Five Ways to Keep Your Business, Employees, and Customers Safer

We hear so much about cybertheft, hacking, and identity theft these days that we sometimes forgot that real world crimes still take place against people and property every day. While personal crimes in Fresno including robbery and assault have thankfully decreased significantly in 10 years, crimes against property, including burglary, have not.*
We all take precautions to make sure our homes are safer and more secured by installing deadbolts, adding motion detector lights, and getting alarm systems, but have you taken action to make your business more secure? You can take a few pages from our home security tips as well as a few more of these additional precautions which will protect your property, employees, and customers.

Secure Your Doors and Entrances

Keep Your Property Maintained

Protect Assets and Employee Property

Identify Your Property

Get a Commercial Alarm System