Five Ways to Keep Your Business, Employees, and Customers Safer

We hear so much about cybertheft, hacking, and identity theft these days that we sometimes forgot that real world crimes still take place against people and property every day. While personal crimes in Fresno including robbery and assault have thankfully decreased significantly in 10 years, crimes against property, including burglary, have not.*

We all take precautions to make sure our homes are safer and more secured by installing deadbolts, adding motion detector lights, and getting alarm systems, but have you taken action to make your business more secure? You can take a few pages from our home security tips as well as a few more of these additional precautions which will protect your property, employees, and customers.

Secure Your Doors and Entrances

The locks that come with standard doors are nearly useless. Your front doors are probably heavy, with a deadbolt already installed. But what about the back door? Or any other entrances? Crossbars and latch guards can also be a good addition. Think about your windows, too. Burglars are looking for a quick way to smash into your business. Barred windows aren’t the most appealing look to a storefront, so consider options such as laminated glass or clear acrylic plastic.

Keep Your Property Maintained

The “broken window” theory is the idea that when a neighborhood, business or homes, starts looking run-down, then crime grows. If you rent your retail space, your landlord should know this. Report it right away whenever there are broken lights or other signs of damage to your business or complex. Keep your space looking well-kept up is a signal that you’re vigilant and working to keep your business safe.

Protect Assets and Employee Property

Establish best practices in keeping cash registers locked when not in an immediate transaction and not keeping cash in the register at night. Jewelry stores are diligent about putting all their valuable window displays away every night. You may not think your items are that expensive, but you’d be surprised at what would tempt to someone to try so smash a window. During the day, remind employees to keep their purses, wallets, and keys out of sight and preferably in a locked drawer.

Identify Your Property

Laptops, computers, equipment, and anything that could be stolen should be engraved or marked with your business name to help recover property if it does get stolen. There are a number of microdot security products, all of which will be extremely difficult for criminals to find or remove.

Get a Commercial Alarm System

Yes, of course we’re going to recommend a commercial alarm system! It’s one of our services because we know that it’s one of the most effective ways to prevent business burglaries and to reduce your losses if a burglar decides to ignore the security signs, the sound of the alarm, and the imminent arrival of the police. Think it might be too expensive? Walk around your business and start adding up what you’ve spent on computers and equipment. While you have business insurance, there’s also the loss of time, a possible increase in rates, and the feeling of lost security by your employees that will also cost you.

Your business is an investment of time, money, and effort. Let us help you protect that investment. Find out how affordable commercial business alarms can be. Call for a no obligation quote and let us help you, as a business owner, sleep better at night.


Security Cameras Video Analytics

The real time alarm, which uses perimeter and area protection, will sound and light up to ward off intruders, then capture video of the scene and upload it to the alarm center.

This technology also makes it possible for home and business owners to monitor what’s happening on their mobile device.