Cctv Security


Business Alarm Systems: How CCTV Cameras Enhance Your Security

At Turner Security, we use Closed Circuit TV monitoring as part of our business alarm systems to add an extra layer of defense for our clients against theft, burglary, and business damage. Closed Circuit TV, or CCTV, is a system that uses video cameras to send video and sometimes audio to a monitor or video recorder. Unlike regular broadcast television which sends a signal to the public, CCTV uses either wireless or wired (i.e. phone lines) to send the images to a recording device or a monitoring center.
They used to be expensive and you’d see them only in high-level retail stores, casinos, and banks, but the technology is now affordable enough that a small business can add CCTV to their business alarm system budget. We made a huge investment in building our own central monitoring station in 2000, right here in Fresno, so that the monitoring and reporting is fast, economical, and local for our customers.
Here’s what CCTV can do to upgrade your business security:

Unusual Entry Detection

Daytime Theft Prevention or Evidence

Other Benefits