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How Commercial Alarm Monitoring Works for Fresno Businesses

Thinking about getting an alarm system or monitoring service for your Fresno, Madera, or Clovis business? At Turner Security Systems we not only encourage you to find out more about the alarm company you want to use, but also how the systems work.
The most visible part of every security alarm system, whether for business or home security, starts with the keypad for access control. We’re all familiar with using them to turn an alarm system on and off. But where does the signal go from there?
The keypad signals the system to activate or deactivate all the devices that are part of the system. This can include door and window contacts, motion detectors, surveillance recording, and glass break detectors.
But alerts and alarms don’t go through the keypad. The center of any on-site alarm system is the control panel. We provide and install this as part of our service. It usually goes in an electrical room, server room, telephone/communications room, or some other secured part of your business building. Everything else is connected to the control panels, either through a wireless connection or through hard-wiring.

How Alerts get to the Commercial Alarm Monitoring Station

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