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How Commercial Alarm Monitoring Works for Fresno Businesses

Thinking about getting an alarm system or monitoring service for your Fresno, Madera, or Clovis business? At Turner Security Systems we not only encourage you to find out more about the alarm company you want to use, but also how the systems work.

The most visible part of every security alarm system, whether for business or home security, starts with the keypad for access control. We’re all familiar with using them to turn an alarm system on and off. But where does the signal go from there?

old fire alarm commercial alarm monitoring boxThe keypad signals the system to activate or deactivate all the devices that are part of the system. This can include door and window contacts, motion detectors, surveillance recording, and glass break detectors.

But alerts and alarms don’t go through the keypad. The center of any on-site alarm system is the control panel. We provide and install this as part of our service. It usually goes in an electrical room, server room, telephone/communications room, or some other secured part of your business building.

Everything else is connected to the control panels, either through a wireless connection or through hard-wiring.

How Alerts get to the Commercial Alarm Monitoring Station

Once the system is armed, anything that is triggered or tripped sends a signal to the control panel which them sends that alert directly to our state of the art, custom-built, locally owned and operated commercial alarm monitoring center right here in Fresno.

The control panel can send information to our monitoring station in one of three ways:

  • Using a POTS line or the “plain old telephone service.” It’s extremely reliable, and most systems can even monitor the integrity of the phone line itself. It works even if someone in the home is using the phone though “line seizure,” where the security system can disconnect a call and reconnect to contact the monitoring station.

    That may be a problem if you’re already on the phone with the police in the case of a home invasion or intruders on your property. The POTS line communication is also slow and can be disabled with a simple pair of wire cutters. And of special concern to a modernizing business is that it may not work well with VOIP.
  • A better option is using your existing internet broadband connection. It’s much faster and works well with VOIP. A disadvantage is that it still can be disabled by cutting a cable, although most lines are buried.
  • Using a cellular line may be the best option because it doesn’t depend on outside cable. It also doesn’t matter if the power is out because it’s backed up the battery in the control box. We have a cellular radio solution that will help reduce your business phone expense as well as enhance your security.

However a signal is sent, it goes to our monitoring center which is, of course, staffed 24/7. Our team is watching for alerts from our alarm monitoring software which instantly shows us detailed information about alerts including your business information, address, and who to contact.

Other Alarm Monitoring Services

his software and our team not only monitors burglar alarms and motion detectors, but can also provide fire alarm monitoring by connecting the system to fire sprinklers, evacuation panels, pump houses, duct detectors, and manual pull stations.

fire alarm boxes and lights on wall of buildingWe can also help monitor temperatures in server rooms, freezers, or other systems which depend on steady conditions. This is especially important in Fresno during the summer months.

Once we receive an alarm, we'll try to verify the exact nature of the alert. We’ll try to reach you or someone at your business first to rule out a false alarm. Police departments in Fresno, Madera, and across the country can and will charge you for false alarms.

Alarm monitoring can greatly reduce false alarms. We recommend adding video monitoring inside your building because we can use it to confirm to police that there is someone in the building. That can greatly increase the speed of a response plus it helps us reduce the number of false alarms.

You’ve probably set off your own alarm - everyone has done it at least once in their lives. A lot of them occur early in the business day, when the first person in the office or the building hasn’t had enough coffee and fumbles at the keypad until the alarm goes off.

This is one of many reasons we’ll make our first call to a contact number and not the police. If we call the office, there’s usually an embarrassed employee on the other end of the line. We have them turn off the alarm and save you a false alarm call.

You want security and alerts to go out when something’s happening and we can help stop it (such as a server meltdown or a burglary in progress) or prevent it taking place at all (thieves will avoid a secured or monitored building in favor of an easier target).

Give us a call for a free, no-obligation quote and evaluation of your business alarm monitoring needs at (559) 486-3466.


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