Home Security in Fresno: Five Ways to Make Your Home - and Neighborhood - Safer

Did you know that the United States leads the world in burglaries? We like to be number one in America, but not for this. If home security is on your mind, whether you live in a Fresno, Clovis, or Madera neighborhood that has recently seen more than its fair share of break-ins, or whether you just want to be proactive, here are five ways to make your home safer.


Light It Up
dd motion lights to vulnerable areas around your home including your garage door and your front door. About a third of all burglars go through the front door. A motion detector light on the front porch makes is much less appealing to criminals. It also makes it very convenient for you when coming home after sunset. In addition, it protects you against assault on your own doorstep, a special concern if you have teenagers coming home on their own after dark.


Lock Your Doors
It sounds obvious, but nearly 30% of burglars get into a house through an unlocked door! It’s easy though for someone to forget to lock a door in their hurry to get to work or when their hands are full of groceries after a trip to the store. A motion detector is a valuable part of a home security system because it will set off an alarm whenever someone enters your home while the system is armed. You can also add entry chimes that work to alert you when a door is opened.


Get a Deadbolt
A regular door lock is easy to get around. Remember how you used to get in through that old garage door with your student ID when you forgot your key? A deadbolt is a much more secure way to protect your entrances. The problem is that too many people don’t lock their deadbolts. Plus, a frequent pet peeve of locksmiths is that many deadbolts aren’t correctly installed. Check to see how far the deadbolt hole goes into your doorframe. It should be at least an inch deep.


Get a Home Alarm System
Criminals will go to the easy target. They’ll move on if they see a home with lights, a solid security door, and an alarm system. A study of criminal perceptions of risks versus rewards showed that nearly all convicted burglars would avoid homes with a security system. Feel a little bad that the easy target might be your neighbor? Why not recommend a security alarm system to them, too? We’ll give you a $100 referral credit if they become a customer.


Tell Criminals You’re Protected
According to the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services, thieves are more likely to avoid houses with home security system signs in their yard. Some people suggest saving money by buying fake security service signs, but it’s much more effective to have a recognized name like Turner Security Systems. If you’ve seen our patrol cars and officers, you know that criminals have seen them too! And don’t let your signs get old or worn. We’ll provide you with a new set of stickers and signs if yours are faded.

You can improve your home security with just a few common-sense ideas, plus a small investment in some simple security equipment. If you’re thinking about home security alarms, give us a call at (559) 486-3466 or click here for a free, no obligation quote.


"Great job, Turner - you do such a great job. I feel safe knowing your employees are watching out for my apartment complex. They stopped a guy from breaking into my car. I've never been more happy to have them at my location. Thank You Turner for doing a wonderful job and for looking out for the complex. I feel safe when i go to sleep at night."
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