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Security alarm systems: Do Fresno businesses need them?

While we’ve got great weather, diverse cuisine, and easy traffic that comes with a small-town California feel, we’ve also got the big-city problems that come from being the fifth-largest city in the state.
For businesses, this can mean theft, burglaries, and robberies.
Is a commercial alarm the answer?
While alarm systems can’t stop every criminal, they certainly can help prevent certain crimes and they can reduce the damage and risk to property and assets as well as help protect employees. But what does a business need to have in place for a security alarm to be effective? And what kind of businesses should have an alarm system in place? Businesses with valuable retail items such as jewelry or electronics are obvious targets. But Fresno businesses, along with businesses across the country have discovered that they are target for break-ins and outright theft, even when there aren’t obvious valuable items on display.Offices are vulnerable because employees may leave purses, wallets, or laptops in easily accessible locations.Your computers may be old, but a criminal doesn’t know that. All they see is something they can steal and sell for a few dollars.

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